FM Instagram APK Latest Version 9.90 For Android

App Name FM Instagram
Version 9.90
Size 56.98 MB
Requirements 4.4 and up
Developer Fouad Mokdad

Download Here

FM Instagram APK

Are you looking for a cooler version of Instagram? Well, you’ve come to the right place, FM Instagram APK is one of the coolest modified versions of the original Instagram application. This version includes features like reels, IGTV, and image download. Moreover, you can check other people’s stories anonymously.

People find it tiresome to visit a different website every time they need to download a reel from Instagram, but with FM Instagram APK, you don’t need anything else. In this article, we’ll cover everything about the Instagram FM APK:

What Is FM Instagram APK?

FM Instagram was created by Foud Mokdad, they are quite famous on the internet for making MODDED versions of multiple apps. IGTV downloads, reels download, and high-quality image downloads are some of the notable features that increase the user experience of the app. Moreover, better privacy settings make it an interesting app for youngsters particularly.

If you use Instagram, you might’ve noticed that Instagram won’t let you see someone’s profile picture in full size. Well, with the FM Instagram MOD APK, you can enlarge the profile picture, and that too in HD quality. You can modify and update settings according to yourself by using this modified version of Instagram.

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All of us wonder if someone unfollowed us on Instagram and it might be difficult to scroll through all the followers and find the culprits. Well, with FM Instagram APK, you get an alert every time someone unfollows you.

You can also read the deleted messages in the conversation. So, you don’t have to take screenshots because all of the chats will always be there.

Features of Instagram FM APK

There are certain limitations in the original Instagram application that people think of as a problem. FM Instagram MOD APK contains a lot of amazing features that aren’t available in the original application. These features set it apart and make it a compelling application for users to install.

Let’s discuss these features to find out more about them.

Share Media

Instagram is all about connecting with your friends and family. You can use Insta FM APK to share reels and images with your followers by selecting them. It makes sharing content with your friends easier and fun.

No Annoying Ads

Nobody likes advertisements while browsing any application. Well, you might’ve noticed a lot of advertisements on the Instagram official applications. If you’re also annoyed by these ads, FM Instagram APK’s latest version is the solution. This version has no ads and you can enjoy using the application without getting annoyed.

Chat With Your Contacts

All of the youngsters like to chat and there’s no better place than the Instagram in-app messenger. With the FM Instagram APK, you can use the latest emojis, GIFs, stickers, and other fun stuff to make your messaging experience more fun.

Take Screenshots Easily

Taking screenshots is something all of us do to our favorite posts. FM Instagram APK has a built-in feature that lets you take screenshots without affecting the quality of the image.

Hide Online Status

You can hide your online status from your followers too. This means that you can scroll FM Instagram for hours without being noticed by your friends or family.

Manage Multiple Accounts

If you are someone who uses multiple accounts, you can easily do this with the FM Instagram APK. This version of the application lets you manage multiple accounts on the same device. So, you can manage both your personal and business accounts in one place.

Download Media With Ease

One feature that sets FM Instagram APK apart from the original application is the ease of downloading all types of media. You can download images, videos, reels, or any other content directly to your mobile without using any third-party tools.

Pin Your Favorite Chats

You can highlight your favorite chats with a star on it. You can do this by simply clicking and adding your favorite chats to it. This will help you find these chats easily and interact with your friends.

Select from Variety of Themes

User experience is important to keep the users engaged. If you don’t like the official Instagram application interface, you can give it a try on FM Insta and explore its amazing themes. It has numerous themes that you can adjust and they are free.

Customize the App To Your Taste

FM Instagram APK allows you to customize your profile according to your taste. You can customize everything from fonts to themes. So, choose a favorite theme and adjust it with your favorite font and color.

Anti-Ban Feature

FM Instagram APK is safe to use and you’ll not get banned from the official application. There are other versions of the application available on the internet but most of them will get your account banned. Just make sure that you are using the latest version of Instagram FM APK.


FM Instagram APK has numerous features that make it the preferred choice for many users. Its unique interface and unlimited features can help you use Instagram like never before. Moreover, it is safe to download and install on all types of Android devices.


Is FM Instagram APK safe to use?

Yes, this version of the application is tested to make sure that it runs smoothly and doesn’t affect the device with any kind of malware.

Can using Instagram FM APK result in a ban from official Instagram?

Other versions of Instagram might result in a ban but Instagram FM is safe and it won’t result in any kind of ban from the original Instagram application.

How can I use FM Insta APK?

You’ll need to download the APK file and allow installation from Unknown Sources to use the app.

Can I manage different accounts on Instagram FM?

Yes, you can manage multiple profiles using the Insta FM APK. This means you will be able to manage your personal and business accounts smoothly on the same device.