Instagram Aero 21.0 Free Download Latest Version 2024

App Name Instagram Aero
Version 21.0
Size 42 MB
Requirements 4.1 And Up
Downloads 1,000,000+

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Instagram Aero

Instagram Aero Introduction

Instagram Aero: The Instagram Aero application is a modified version of the Instagram application. The app is one of the most popular social media photo and video-sharing apps on the internet today, with millions of users.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who use it every day, upload their favorite photos, and leave comments on everything posted in their friends’ streams. You can not only connect with friends but also network online with millions of people around the globe.

The APK download link for Aero Insta is available below, but before downloading, you should understand its features and how to use it. The Aero Insta app is similar to Instagram Plus, but it has more advanced features and privacy settings.

Aero Insta What Is It?

A modified version of the Instagram application, Aero Insta, allows users to download images, videos, and reel videos to their mobile devices. Additionally, the application allows users to hide typing information, message-read information, and more in order to protect their privacy. A cool feature of this modded app is that you can also download the stories.

Instagram Aero Features

  • You can hide the posts you liked before by removing the liked posts.
  • You can enable/disable video autoplay in the video settings.
  • Media always shows first – When a post has more than one media, it will always show the first media.
  • By double tapping, you are able to enable or disable the ability to like the content.
  • With a triple tap on any post, you will be able to download the image to your device by tapping the post three times.
  • If you tap long enough, you will be able to view any post with picture content in full-screen mode. When you are viewing the full-screen posts, you can also zoom in and out using finger gestures as much as you like.
  • It is possible to share stories without cropping them according to the width of the screen, so they don’t need to be resized.
  • You will be able to remove the black borders from your stories if you select this option.
  • Ability to disable the auto-skipping of stories – The ability to turn off the auto-skipping of the stories on the web page.
  • With the In-App Browser, you can set the links that you tap on Instagram to open through a browser installed on your device, not from within the app itself.
  • The ability to swipe left or right to open the camera or swipe left or right to open DM is an essential function within the app. It can be enabled or disabled depending on the situation.
  • Photos in full quality – Possibility not to compress your photos when you use Instagram.
  • It allows you to find out whether a user follows you or not by visiting their profile. In this way, you can find out if they are following you or not following you.
  • A number of regular and shopping ads will be hidden in your stories and your feed when you turn on Hide ADS.

How To Install Instagram Aero App Un-Clone (Package 1)

  • If you have any Instagram applications installed on your device, uninstall them.
  • APK file for Aero Insta can be downloaded from the download folder.
  • Put the username and password of your Instagram account into the app.
  • If two-way authentication is enabled, verify your account with an OTP.
  • Have fun with AeroInsta.

Instagram Aero Clone Installation (Package 2)

  • Aero Insta APK can be downloaded and installed from the download folder.
  • Put the username and password of your Instagram account into the app.
  • If two-way authentication is enabled, verify your account with an OTP.
  • Have fun with AeroInsta.

Instagram Overview

Instagram’s official application allows users to share videos and photos but does not include other features. With an Official Instagram, users can only upload photos, and videos, and share their accounts.

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As well as a straightforward multitasking option. There’s no doubt about it. You wouldn’t see any type of theme choice or color choice, conceal the messages from the others, or any other distinct features it lacks.


In addition to maintaining the users’ security, Instagram Aero provides many features. A modified version of WhatsApp has also been released by Hazar, who has also released AeroWhatsApp. To avoid the possibility of getting banned, we recommend installing the normal version of Insta Aero Dark Blue instead of the official Instagram application.